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As research and advancements continue to evolve throughout the dental industry, Dr. Richard J Bollon, combines these new and improved dental technologies and methodologies with tried and true methods to assist with exams and treatment plans. Prevention, early detection, patient comfort and improved overall experience drive Dr. Bollon to maintain his Jericho dental office with the latest and most efficient dental technology.



Trios Color Demonstration – The Trios intraoral digital scanner gives Dr. Bollon a precisecolor image of a patient's dentition. This tool creates life-like impressions that are used to evaluate a patient’s oral health far more accurately than traditional impressions. The tool itself is non-threatening and patients can watch the results formulated on the screen. Dr. Bollon uses this tool to measure shade variances and detect the slightest color change in the enamel. Patients can see the results themselves giving them the ability to make informed decisions regarding their oral health. The scanned dental impressions are sent to labs to create restorations with predictable results and faster delivery. 





SoproLIFE – This revolutionary dental tool is used to depict and reveal to Dr. Bollon tooth decay that is unseen otherwise. It has special lights and cameras to visualize the mouth in fine detail. This increases the ability to detect problems early-on, before a procedure is necessary. Thanks to SoproLife cavities can be removed comfortably and Dr. Bollon can be sure that the infected tissues are fully removed. .




The WAND – Milestone Scientific’s The Wand STA is an all-in-one anesthetic system. Instead of using large syringes and uncomfortable needles, the Wand’s smaller size fits into the mouth and makes the whole process of receiving anesthetic much more comfortable. All a dentist must do is place the wand in the correct place in the mouth and then the STA machine measures the amount of anesthetic administered. It also provides audio/visual feedback to the dentist, allowing precise placement of the wand in the proper tissues and with the proper pressure. 



BruxZir® Ceramic Dental Implant Crowns – Instead of the traditional porcelain crowns, these crowns that are fashioned a single layer. Normal crowns have a layered structure, but these crowns are a uniform piece made wholly of zirconium oxide. Zirconium is extremely resistant to fracturing and breaking, and if you watch the video to the right, you can see that it doesn’t break even when a sledgehammer is smashed against it. The BruxZir® crown is softer on surrounding tissues than your average porcelain crown and requires much less shaping by your dentist, if any at all. Since it is a uniform substance it blends in well with your teeth, is less bulky, and enhances the overall look of your smile. 


Additional Technologies: We are a practice committed to technological excellence and thus we have a lot of technology to increase the comfort of our patients and simplify dental procedures. We have a digital X-Ray system with accompanying screens so patients can also see the images of their dentition. This cuts down on radiation exposure by tenfold. 

Our other advanced dental offerings:

  • Placement of dental implants
  • Full head & neck cancer detection exam
  • Non-invasive biopsies
  • TMJ/TMD massage therapy
  • TMJ/TMD soft night guards
  • Non-invasive periodontics

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